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The Dates and Latest On My Site

Afraid you missed something? Visit the homepage and get to my blog! I'll post older entries and rants there

Hey, a brief schedule of what's happened on my site. You know, updates and stuff...
March 13, 2002: HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEWBEGINNINGS AGAIN! Did basic info put down and whatever so it doesn't look that bad.
March 14-15: Basic site updates, putting in of pictures, getting a new guestbook, etc.
March 16: took off three pictures from Graphics Page because they wouldn't load. Got the "What's New" page finally =^.^= Also made the Page of Randomness which has most of the anime conventions for 2002!
March 17: put on a ton of picts but had to take them off because my webserver wasn't compatable with them! *pout* It was a sad day indeed...
March 18: put in some more pictures around the site, hopefully these won't become broken links like yesterday's
March 24: Put a few picts and GIFs on the Graphics page. May finish the poll soon...
March 30: Seyiuu Page and beginnings of the interview page...eheh
April 1: INTERVIEW PAGE, ALL NEW! It'll be finished soon but hopefully it'll be amusing...
April 2: have about half the interview with my brother done...it was finished today but my webserver deleted it all and I hadve to finish rewritting it.
March 3: Finished my brother's interview, check it. Also, the poll is soon wrapping up, check the shrine page.
April 17: comp completely crashed and burned and erased ALL my sailor moon favorites...I'm so mad. any broken images may be attibuted to this, sorry. E-mail still works and u can e-mail me the problems or commentary if you want. Once the comp starts working right again, i'll do more frequent updates. another note: my second interview is done and went quite well. yea! expect that up. the seiyuu page may be pushed off another few days or so
April 19: Trying to back up pictures on site so incident won't ever happen again. added more pictures to photos page...check it out...the dramatic moment that we find out who Reenie's parents are =^.^= Added some more pictures too
April 19-27: Well, no real updates. Just did Project: Restoration Website. I've been trying to put all the pictures back and back everything up on this site so it NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. Project: Restoration Website will continue...
May 11: FINISHED RESTORING PICTURES! I can now put up new pictures and information! Thanks for waiting awhile everyone. ALSO: now posting my own fan fict (see links pg)
May 26: added to graphics page...so proud. To people who are concerned with the fewer and fewer updates: I have exams coming up. Expect more updates mid way through June. They'll be more regular then.
May 27: New Page: The One and Only (a small shrine to Naoko)
May 28: Wrote some of the seyiuu page and added some pictures
June 3: SAILOR MOON IS BACK!!! YEA! Also added a "banner page" for all the sites which didn't fit on my links page
June 13: end of classes mean more time on the site! Added some pictures here and there. Also expanded the banners page
June 22: made basic updates, put in new picts, MADE A WEBRING
June 24: Put in Spacey's interview finally! Yea! Also added a picture here and there
July 9: I've been romotion, working on stuff, set up the blog. Check that to see all the things I've been up to. Sailor Moon was cancelled yesterday ;-( But I started the shrine today, which will hopefully be finished by today too! Also, started a new poll on duos
July 12: Started my new project, big page of links. See the links page for info.
July 28: Started some new web site promotion. Lack of updates due to NewBeginnings site problems.
August 10: Due to continuation of problems, I have done few site updates. Put up new rumors (see right side of page) and put in new interview with Videl on Interview's Page!
August 21: I fixed some webrings and also fixed a few links. Hopefully I'll get major renovations done shortly. Wish me luck! I really appreciate it!
August 25: I made some major modifications to my Big Page O' Links. This would include the planetary top and bottom borders on the page as well as adding about a dozen more links.

December 15: I've moved! Actually, I did so awhile ago. I was just a little slow in putting the announcement here ^^;

Interesting Comments
This is when if I hear something of interest to me, I'll post it here. If anyone has any information on current Sailor Moon events, I'll place that here too with a honorable mention! =^.^=

1. Go type in your search engines "save our sailors." These people are trying to get Sailor Stars either subtitled or dubbed (correctly!)
2. Rumors of that the above event may happen soon. Apprently DiC was bought by (?) Disney. This could mean a better redubbing of Sailor Moon! (rumor)
3. End of August/beginning of September {ends on Sept. 2 I believe} is the B.A.A.F (Big Apple Anime Festival)! A major anime convention, Sailor Moonies are bound to be there! {I think this is the most important to me because I live not that far away) It's to be held in Times Square. Check out the Page of Randomness!
4. These are some of the preliminary dates and places for 2003 conventions:
Jan. 10-12, 2003 - Ohayocon, Columbus, Ohio
Jan. 31-Feb. 2, 2003 - Ushicon, Texas
April 4-6, 2003 - Sakura Con, Seattle, Wash.
April 18-20, 2003 - Anime Boston, Boston, Mass.
June 13-15, 2003 - Anime Mid-Atlantic, Richmond, Va.
[last updated or checked april 7]
5. CRAZY RUMOR!!! Sailor Stars Dubbed??? That could be! Apprently according to one source, it is being considered now (possibly to attract an older audience?). The Sailor Stars and Star Lights stay the same, yet apprently so much more changes:
-Princess Kakyuu (Princess Fireball) may be called "princess of the Plant of Fire
-Sailor Chibi Chibi will be called Sailor Mini Mini
-Names for the Starlights will be discussed (and changed probably)
6. This is the most insane rumor I've heard but I'll recount it to you: "Even though Sailor Moon began some 10 years ago in Japan, there are rumors of an anime Sailor Moon X, though what the X stands for is anyone's guess." What do you people think? Guestbook it! If I get enough responces, I may post them on the site!