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Seiyuu is the voice actors and dubbed voice overs in an anime cartoon. Here I hope to place up the seiyuu for Sailor Moon, with the years and seasons for the voices. Many of the voice actors were switched and changed over the years and whatnot so this is a huge project.

I have all the dubbed cast, I just haven't put it up. I DON'T have the Japanese cast! Please help!

I Still Need Help, See Bottom of Page

The Good Guys: Dub
Okay, this is just the good guys for the dubbed cast up right now. Some of the seyiuu actors did more than one role so bear with me.
If you can think of a better system than the one I thought up here, please tell me.
The Following are the basic scouts and characters (keep in mind the times the characters came in, not all of everyone was there all at once. Also, the years are the years in which the anime was dubbed and the seyiuu people were in the studio. As you'll notice: major years of dubbing was 1995, 1997, and 2000)

~ Sailor Moon/Serena (the first, episodes 1-11, 16, 21, 41) year(s): 1995. Seyiuu: Tracey Moore
~ Sailor Moon/Serena (the second, episodes 12-15, 17-20, 22-40, 42-82) year(s): 1995, 1997. Seyiuu: Terri Hawkes
~ Sailor Moon/Serena (the third, episodes 83-159) year: 2000. Seyiuu: Linda Ballantyne
~ Sailor Mercury/Amy (the first, episodes 5-82) years: 1995, 1997 Seyiuu: Karen Bernstein
~ Sailor Mercury/Amy (the second, episodes 82-159) year: 2000 Seyiuu: Liza Balkan
~ Sailor Mars/Raye (the first, episodes 7-65, 83-159) years: 1995, 2000 Seyiuu: Katie Griffin
~ Sailor Jupiter/Lita (full series, no voice trade off) years: 1995-2000 Seyiuu: Susan Roman
~ Sailor Venus/ Mina (the first, episodes 29-82) years: 1995, 1997 Seyiuu: Stephanie Morgenstern
~ Sailor Venus/Mina (the second, episodes 83-159) year: 2000 Seyiuu: Emilie Barlow. ALSO WAS: Sailor Mars (the second, episodes 66-82) year: 1997
~ Rini/ Sailor Mini Moon (the first, episodes 54-82) years: 1995, 1997. Seyiuu: Tracey Hoyt
~ Rini/ Sailor Mini Moon (the second, episodes 96-159) year: 2000. Seyiuu: Stephanie Beard
~ Sailor Pluto/ Trista (the first, episodes 68, 75, 78, 82) year: 1997. Seyiuu: Sabrina Grdeyich. ALSO WAS: Anne (Ann from Doom Tree) (episodes 41-53) year: 1995.
~ Sailor Pluto/ Trista (the second, episodes 111-120) year: 2000. Seyiuu: Susan Aceron. ALSO WAS: Sailor Saturn/ Hotaru (episodes 104-120) year: 2000 AND Mimet of the Witches Five (episodes 103-113) year: 2000
~ Sailor Neptune/ Michelle (episodes 83-120) year: 2000 Seyiuu: Barbara Radecki. ALSO WAS: Serena’s mother
~ Sailor Uranus/Amara (episodes 83-120) year: 2000 Seyiuu: Sarah LaFleur
~ Tuxedo Mask/ Darrien (the first, episodes 1-11) year: 1995 Seyiuu: Rino Romano
~ Tuxedo Mask/ Darrien/Moonlight Knight (the second, episodes 12-40, 42-65) year: 1995. Seyiuu: Toby Proctor
~ Tuxedo Mask/ Darrien (the third, episodes 41, 66-159) years: 1995, 1997, 2000 Seyiuu: Vince Corazza. WAS ALSO: Alan (Doom tree Saga)(episodes 41-53) year: 1995
~ Luna (full series, no voice trade off) years: 1995-2000 Seyiuu: Jill Frappier. WAS ALSO: Sailor Pluto/Trista (episode 58) year: 1997
~ Artemis (full sereis, no voice trade off) years: 1995-2000 Seyiuu: Ron Ruben

So This Is What You Do To Help...

Chase the Kitties! no wait! I Mean E-mailing
Send me an e-mail at either Azimel@white-star.com OR LunaCat113@aol.com with your alias (so you can be mentioned) and I'll hopefully have the voice ctors soon. If you want anything else on the site, pleae send them my way, including any resourses (if any used) that you used for the information.

Final Notes
Obvisiouly, this page isn't up yet. Wait, I hope to have the ENGLISH voice actors soon. (My last deadline was changed due to the fact my site crashed.) Hopefully, someone will answer to my pleas.