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My Next Scheme Of Trying To Make An Original Site!
So, I was siting back; breathing and thinking and whatever. You know, stuff like that. I starting thinking about this site (and my devotion to Sailor Moon!) and was thinking what would be great for this site? And I figured there was only one thing never done on any other site before: an interview. Yeah sure, tons of people have interviewed the seyiuu people and Naoko like all the time. but has anyone ever really interviewed, say, a random person off the street? Well, I wasn't about to do that but why not family or a friend?
Me, doing that thinking thing, thought it was a great idea. Actually, I was thinking of one friend in particular who knows quite a bit of Sailor Moon herself. I figured we could sit back, watch Promise of a Rose, drink some Pepsi, and have a nice mature interview. Then I deceided to wander into my brother's rrom and borrow a CD.
I love my brother. He's smart and likes bagel chips and the Yankees. But, he is an absolute clueless fool when it comes to Sailor Moon. So I went and grabbed my CD of choice and we were chatting about the concept of an interview on the site. He said it sounded good and all, and he's a smart guy. So I asked him:
"You wanna be interviewed?"
His responce: "Huh?"

He eventually agreed after several threats I MEAN pleas. So I took out a tape recorder and started the interview.
Before this interview, I asked him what he wanted his alias to be. It went in this evolution:
"Johnny Fro to Johnathan Fro to Johnathan to Jon to J.F." So, on March 30, 2002, the fateful interview between my self (Azimel) and J.F. began...

  How It Worked... Divided up into several parts, the interview had several key points which will be lead by headings. This interview was done via a tape recording so any sort of laughter in backround comments are explained now. In the beginning, I had to make sure my tape recorder was working...(A=Azimel {me} and JF=J.F.)


A: Dude?
JF: Dude.
A: Dude?
JF: Dude.
A: Dude?
JF: Duuuuuude...

WHAT IS SAILOR MOON? aka His Favorite Episode Is...

A: 'Kay. *laughter* How do we do this now? *pause and laughter*
JF: I dunno...How do you do today?
A: How DO you do today??? *pause* Okay, what do you think Sailor Moon is about?
JF: What do I think it's about?
A: Summarize
JF: A teenaged girl runs around and beats up {word is blurred as he is eating a bagel chip and cannot be bothered to pronounce the word correctly} guys.
A: The WHAT guys?
JF: Evil guys...I dunno
A: Evil guys *laughs*
JF: Yeah, the bad bad guys *laughter in backround*
A: Anything else?
JF: NO!!! *laughter*
A: Wow, issues
JF: Yes, I have issues
A: Issues issues issues. 'Kay, how many episodes have I forced you to watch?
JF: Too many
A: Well, how many? Like, which do you remember?
JF: Like, well, only with the little girl {this is refering to Para-Para of anime} takes the head off the pacient
A: Yeah, well, do you wanna reminisence on that a little?
JF: Uh yeah. Well she was like playing with two dolls and the doctor was like *pauses and gestures wildly to convey the moment* and the pacient was like *breaks down into laughter* NO! I don't!
A: Oh, go ahead. Come on!
JF: Well, the pacient was like my tooth hurts and so the doctor was like...and then...*breaks into laughter again*
A: *with Freudian seriousness* And then?
{this next moment could have been labeled THE REBELLION part of the interview}
JF: Yeah, well, convince me to go on!
A: Convince you? I'll beat you up if you don't! (I didn't really beat him up, we just argued a bit. My obligation as Older Sister is to threaten him a bit every now and know. Keep him on his toes.)
JF: And then the pacient got her head removed and she was all like 'Oh my gawd, it's all better now.' That's all I remember
A: Anything else about the series?
JF: No.

CHARACTER IDENIFICATION aka How Many Scouts Are There???

A: Remember any of the other evil guys besides the little girl?
JF: *pauses* I dunno
A: Any of the other characters?
JF: *pause* Sailor Moon's friends
A: Which ones?
JF: The Ones, the Planets, the Mercury and Venus, Mars and Jupiter I guess. I dunno how far it goes out (in the solar system).
A: It goes all the way out
JF: Ooookay...


A: *grabs SM calander and CD covers* Okay, I'm gonna point out random characters. *points to Chibi-moon* Who is this person? With the pink hair?
JF: *laughs*
A: Make up a name for her then
JF: The Little One
A: *points out Eternal Sailor Moon*
JF Sailor Moon, I remember her
A:*points out Venus* Who's she?
JF: I dunno, I get them all mixed up (the picture I was using had all the Inner Scouts on it standing side by side)
A: Who do you THINK she is?
JF: Probally...either Venus or Mars
A: 'Kay, who's this??? *points to Mars*
JF: That's probably Mars
A: Who's this? *points out Mercury*
JF: No idea *before I can even point to Jupiter standing at her side he says...* No idea.
A: *has a anime pict of SM and Neptune laying on the ground after SM saves Neptune from the Monster-of-the-day. Neptune is thanking her and SM is blushing) Who is this *pointing to Neptune*
JF: No idea
A: Take a guess
JF: *big pause* I dunno (notice a pattern?)
A: what do you think is happening here?
JF: I don't WANNA know!!!!!
A: *picture of Luna and Artemis*
JF: The Cats, I dunno
A: Dunno their names are?
JF: One of them's Luna and the other ones the Other One
A: Make up a name then
JF: Not-Luna
A: Come on! It's got a cresent on it's head! Whadda think the name could possibly be!!!
JF: I DUNNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A: Alright! Which is the girl?
JF: Well, the white ones bigger so he's probably the guy
A: *grabs a picture of Venus with her hair down and out of bow* Is this Sailor Moon?
JF: The answer is either yes or no
A: Well? Humor me
JF: I'll guess no. *pause* Am I right?
A: You'll see on the site
JF: Well was I?
A: Actually yes
JF: Oh wow. Goody for me
A: *points out Luna on a sticker* Who is this kitty?
JF: the Luna
{we start chatting about SM which ends with JF yelling into the tape recorder "SEE WHAT SHE PUTS ME THROUGH?!!?!!?!")
A: Ha ha, shut up. 'Kay, who's this? *has a picture of Tuexedo Kamen being as charming as a former prince of Earth should*
JF: I dunno...the Masked Man. Uh...yeah.
A: What does he do in each episode?
JF: Save everybody
A: Okay, so what sort of power does he have?
JF: *dramatic pause* EVERYTHING! He's like a James Bond dude *loud laughter in backround from me*...he SHOULD be if he isn't!
A: Who's this? *points out an anime Jeditite from the CD "the original soundtract of SM"*
JF: I dunno...blondy? I can't even tell it's GENDER
A: alright, now what does he do?
A: 'Kay *has a picture possessed by Negaforce/Queen Metallia* What about this?
JF: evil...really ointy chin too...
A: Okay. *finds a picture of Chibiusa with Luna-P floating next to her* What's up with the floating cat head???
JF: I dunno...
A: Name it
JF: Luna
A: What does IT do?
JF: Uh...float around
A: Is that it?
JF: YEAH! *pauses for a moment* I'm wrong aren't I?
*he complains a bit and says the room where the interview is being taken place is too cold. This is all interrupted by a humongous BUUURP! from JF*
A: *finds picture of Saturn with a title underneath saying 'Saturn' on it. Trying to deserately cover the title...* Who is it??? *After JF squints at it for awhile, I flung the paper at him*
JF: Lemme see...*notices the little title and complains the picture is blurry because it came from our printer* Sailor Saturn
A: What do you think of her...what kinda powers?
JF: The powers of being blurry *uses choice words to describe printer*
A: Who is this then with the name right underneath the photo? *manga pict of Sailor Pluto*
JF: Pluto!
A: 'Kay, what power does SHE have???
JF: Um...darkness and coldness because it's suppost to be cold out there.
A: Out there?
JF: In space, yeah
A: *grabs a picture of manga Jadeite with the name under the picture* This is the one you couldn' figure out before
JF: Oh! Goody goody
A: Male or female?
JF: *Looks at name and pronounces it al wrong* Umm...uh...NO! The name doesn't help at ALL!!!
A: Here *grabs an anime version of his picture and places it next to the manga* Now what?
JF: I'll guess it's a guy
A: Alright alright. When I show you a picture of Wiseman, here *points out Wiseman* what do you think?
JF: Wiseman? *he looks very blank*
A: Yeah...good guy bad guy?
JF: You know...I can't really can go either way
A: Whadda think he can do?
JF: *looks at picture. It is the final one with Wiseman in the anime series, just before attempting to destroy SM. he is holding a ball of very destructive power* Hold the moon right up next to the picture

WORD ASSOCIATION aka Saiyaman and Seiya???

A: Word Association!!!
JF: NoooOOOOOooo!!!
A: Yes! Chibi-Chibi!
JF: really really small...I know that
JF: flower
A: Kiseanian
JF: sensitive
A: Selenity
JF: Serenity...Oooh, I had to change a letter, that was hard
A: Kayuga
JF: Kat-a-nu-ga?
A: *repeats Kayuga correctly*
JF: Uh, Indians
A: Ginzoushu
JF: Japanese sounding a sumarai
A: Makato
JF: Utter blank mind
A: Diamond
JF: *sings* Like a diamond in the sky
A: Kamen
JF: sounds like a name from Ronin Warriors
A: Seiya
JF: Saiya-man! (from DBZ)
A: Sailor Heavy Metal Papillion
JF: Where do they GET those names?
A: Tin Naoko
JF: Tin Man from Wizard of Oz
A: Aluminum Siren
JF: Aluminum! Like that Harly Davidson commercial when the old man is all like 'I could have bought the Harly but I spent it on aluminum siding instead!'
A: Iron Mouse
JF: A little mouse running around all over the place
A: Lead Crow
JF: *long long pause* Are you waiting for an answer from me because you're not gonna get one
A: Snow Dancers
JF: Snow men (I half thought he was gonna sing Frosty)
A: Fiore
JF: Those annoying little make-up commercials with Mandy Moore
A: Prisma
JF: Prism like from Earth Science class
A: Michiru
JF: Like a little cat...that white cat dude (Artemis refrence here)
A: Cooan
JF: Ronin Warriors again, you know. It sounds like Rowan
A: Ail and Ann
JF: know...ale...
A: Malachite
JF: An evil dude...he sounds evil...


So that was the spaztic interview. I'll take his e-mail off my site so he isn't harrassed anymore. :D Our parting note will be from 'Johnny Fro' himself, on his opnion on the interview:
"Oh geez, you're actually gonna put this on the site? Geez, I am gonna sound like SUCH a moron..."

Did the interviews go that badly??? {Notice, even the star has a sweatdrop!!! :D}

I couldn't resist. I had to ask someone who REALLY knows something about Sailor Moon to talk to me. So, I went with my first choice: Spacey, my (not really) sis! It was scary, I wasn't sure how to interview her knowing she actually is a SM fan too. Since I did the interview months ago and not on a tape, I wrote down quick answers. I'm sorry if the true humor of the situation isn't all there, but believe me...there was laughing all the way through...
{A=Azimel, S=Spacey}

Well, the setting: I went to a sleepover at her house. We went outside and sat on a swinging bench. I had my notebook and was trying desperately not to show her the questions. The interview started well before sunset but when it ended it was dark outside. Lots of too much laughter was involved in this interview.

Getting Back to the Basics:

A: What is Sailor Moon? In Your Own Words
S: A cartoon about a ditz and WAIT! Sailor Moon is tha almighty symbol of hope and love and hope and love and hope and...optimism. Serena loves her friends, nature, and everyone. She can see the light. ^^
A: Which is your favorite episode?
S: I don't have a definite favorite.
A: How about moment or "saga?"
S: It's definitly the whole Mistress 9 and Sailor Saturn thing. The whole story behind that, especially when she dies to save everyone and comes back chibi.
A: Do you consider yourself a fan or fanatic?
S: *thinks deeply* FANATIC! *laughs* Why do you think they call me SPACEY??!?! Who else is in space? Sailor Moon!
A: Which is you favorite movie (in SM)
S: Well, probably Black Dream Hole, my favorite part being when they are all chibi and when Sailor Moon gets hit by that metal ring! I like the end of Promise of the Rose too.
A: How did you become a fan?
S: I dunno, because Maybe it was a Pokemon connection (?)
A: Why do you like Sailor Moon? (the series or comic)
S: It's fun! It's really fun and silly. All the characters have their own "thing." Also, there's Sailor Saturn...
A: What pisses you off the most about Sailor Moon?
S: *this is obvisiously a big issue she's been wanting to talk about for quite awhile. She gestures wildly to convey her emotion* The diffrence between the manga and the anime, or the US (dub) and the original Japanese changes! Plus it doesn't come fast enough (this was during a time when SM was off the air. She's talking about that)
A: What was the one thing you heard someone else say about SM that got you mad?
S: When people say it sucks and those idiots who watch it for hentai.

How Big of a Fan AREYou???

A: On a scale of 1-10, what would you say on how big of a fan are you?
S: Probably an eight. Not complete fanatic cause I don't buy EVERYTHING Sailor Moon.
A: Would you go to an anime convention?
S: yes
A: Would you go dressed up as a character?
S: yes
A: Tape all the episodes?
S: Yes, given the chance to.
A: Obtain all the comics...dubbed or original Japanese?
S: Yes, both original and dub!
A: Go to Canada to go get the soundtracts released only there and not the US?
S: Sure, point me in the right direction.
A: Watch another cartoon or show knowing the seyiuu actor/ress as in it?
S: Sure, I already did with Braceface. (yes, one of the scouts voices is in Braceface, take a guess at who ^^)

Picking Only the Best

Here I asked Spacey to pick between the choices I gave her
A: Best Term? Senshi or Scout?
S: senshi
A: Better Term? Fuku or uniform?
S: fuku
Better Character? Serena or Usagi?
S: Usagi
A: Better Choice? Anime or Manga?
S: Manga
A: Better Attack? Kamehamaya or Moon Tiara?
S: Moon Tiara
A: Who Would Win? Saturn or Pluto?
S: Saturn!
A: Better guy? Trunks or Mamoru?
A: Better Darien? Boyfriend of Serena, Moonlight Knight, Future King Darien, Tuxedo Mask, or Evil Prince Darien?
S: *thinks* uhhh...I hate them all
A: Better Gal? Michiru or Haruka?
S: Well, Michiru is lipstick and Haruka is butch...I can't pick, I like them both.
A: Cooler Mom? Queen Selenity of the Old Moon Kingdom or Mrs. Tuskino?
S: Mrs. Tuskino...she's a little bit ditzy
A: Better Talking Cat? Salem (from Sabrina), Pwar (from DBZ), or Luna?
S: Salem irrates me...definely LUNA
A: Better Band? Sailor Stars or NSYNC?{TM}
S: duh, Stars
A: Better Ride? Darien's convertible or Amara's motorcycle?
S: Motorcycle all the way
A: Sadder Moment? Destruction of the Moon Kingdom or when the scouts encounter Crystal Tokyo and learn of it's story?
S: (after I gave her a brief description of both) Oh god, the Moon Kingdom one. That's really sad...
A: Okay. last one. Bigger Boom? When that Helicopter blew up with the Outer Scouts inside it or the destruction of Queen Beryl when she's possessed by Metallia?
S: Queen Beryl's destruction.

Improving Sailor Moon?

A: What is your ideal fan fict? What happens, who's in it?
We had to keep coming back to this question because she had so many ideas but wasn't really sure how to put them in a fict
S: Well, one with the marriage of Usagi and Mamoru for one. Another would be with Hotaru and Chibiusa when they are older. Sort of a "what happens now?" or how life and being a scout for so long effects her life.
A: Otaku senshi? Who, powers, fuku, hair?
S: Probably my version of Sailor Saturn (before we saw the outer senshi, we would go and see what they really looked like but took guesses at it. Both me and her drew our own versions of the Outer scouts. Neither of us was even close to the real thing). Damn, this is a hard question. Well, the character would be a bit of a mix of Saturn's personality and Sailor Moon's importance...ugh, can we come back to this later?
A: If you could take one character from any other anime, animation, TV show, whatever, and put them in SM, who, why, how?
S: *gets hyper abou question* See, it's Trunks and Frieza. Trunks because I wanna see how Serena acts around him and Frieza because he would lok so out of place. It would be funny as hell.
A: You're making a live action SM movie. What's it about? Who are the actresses?
S: It would be about the StarS Saga. niece would play Chibi Chibi can be Raye...I would play Sailor Moon or Princess Kakyuu...
A: Ever notice how many characters die or leave in Sailor Moon? Who wpuld you bring back? Why?
S: It's that vaccuum cleaner youma. It was so stupid. Also, I want more of Sammy or even better: Helios would come back. I want to see Helios and Chibiusa interaction.
A: Likewise, you get the chance to kill off one Sailor Moon Character? Who? Why?
S: Sometimes I wish anime Serena was dead. Oh yeah, and the dubbers must die too. I didn't like Mistress 9 or Wicked Lady...I hated her...
A: You can improve one character in Sailor Moon. Who? How?
S: Amy in the manga I feel didn't mature quite enough like the other scouts. Also, Darien in the anime doesn't appeal to me, he isn't interesting enough to me..I dunno. Maybe if you hear more about him when it doesn't involve Serena.


All of the following question began with "why?" I don't write it because it's implied

A: ...does Reenie have pink hair and red eyes?
S: Uhh...uhh...she was born with lots of love. (this gets an "aww" from me to which Spacey replies with a laugh and a "shut up.")
A: ...did the Silver Crystal get created from a tear from Serena?
S: Because she was losing hope and that tear symbolized her hopes and dreams
A: ...wasn't there a SM/DBZ crossover episode?
S: Because SM is like soft anime but DBZ is "hard" anime. I think that's the only reason seperating them.
A: ...weren't there more people freakin out when Rubeus landed that UFO in the middle of Tokyo?
S: Well...he...he...made all their necks broken so they could only look at the ground and...and...(I fell off of where I was sitting I was laughing so hard)...and...they couldn't look up so...OH SHUT UP ^^!
A: Helios's animal form a Pegasus?
S: Because of Chibiusa's age, she would relate well to a Pegasus
A: ...don't we know who Usagi's father was in the Old Moon Kingdom?
S: I like to think that a really high power...not a God but something close...just made her? I'm not really sure
A: ...does Professor Tomoe laugh so much?
S: Because of the thing possessing him is laughing at the crazy things it makes him do
A: Why doesn't anyone recongize the scouts? I mean, come on! It's not hard to figure it out!
S: It's just one of their powers like that.

Final Thoughts

A: Who is your favorite senshi?
S: Saturn and Moon
A: Least favorite?
S: Ami
A: Who gets too much hype? Good or bad?
S: Amy and the thing with that guy
A: If you could be one of the senshi, who and why?
S: Saturn, I love the depth of her character
A: Who your favorite villain?
S: The Amazon Quartet and Birdy & Prisma of the Black Moon
A: Least favorite or annoying?
S: Wickey Lady was my least favorite. Those stupid monsters like the vaccuum and the car droids were irratating
A: Got way too much air time?
S: Serena, not so much her but that the other scouts don't get as much
A: Which villain would you be?
S: Para-Para. She was just funny and silly, plus I like the whole inner "good-bad" thing that you see in the manga.
A: If you could see more of one character, who?
S: Saturn
A: Funny Sailor Moon moments and Scary ones. Tell me
S: Seiya and Serena screaming on their date; Serena drunk, the Bon-Bon babies; Michelle's comments to Amara. Scary would be Tomoe's deciding Hotaru's fate
A: Who's most likely to go insane in future years?
S: Probably Hotaru in an emotional breakdown.
A: If you can ask Naoko, the creator, one thing, what would it be?
S: Can I have a collection of signed manga? Would you like to come over for a sleep over? Just so I can ask you random questions? Can I live with you for a little while?
A: I think that's cheating...I said one...
S: I know

A: And most finally: the SM commercial for the dolls. You know the one. The girls and the cheap dolls and the bad acting. Don't cha just want to shoot them?
S: yeah

My next interview, which was on August 8, 2002, was with my online Sailor Moon Buddy Videl (Azimel=A Videl=V). I sent her a quick list of Sailor Moon question via e-mail and these were the responces. Let's see now, I've had one interview on tape, one completely handwrited, one via e-mail...looks like I have to do one through IMing soon...

General Questions

A: What about Sailor Moon the show that attracts you to it?
V: the plot and the characters
A: Do you prefer the manga or anime? And from that dubbed or original story line for anime (the manga dubbed and original aren't all that diffrent)
V: the manga and original story line
A: Who do you best relate with (who is most like you)? Which character is much like your opposite?
V: Hotaru (Sailor Saturn) is the most like me and Haruka (Sailor Uranus) is the least like me.
A: Which is your favorite character and for what reasons?
V: Hotaru (Sailor Saturn) is my fave because she's the most like me.
A: Favorite season. Got one? Why is it?
V: Sailor Moon SuperS, it has the Amazoness Quartet my fave villains in it!
A: Which character do you hate and why.
V: Haruka (Sailor Uranus) I mean is she a guy or girl? In the manga she kisses Serena! What's that all about?
A: In your own words, what is Sailor Moon?
V: A story about love and friendship

Precious Moments

A: What moment is your favorite of the show/manga?
V: When Hotaru is reborn
A: Which moment do you just wish was cut out/never drawn?
V: none
A: Sappy Moment. Which moment just made you say, "aww...."
V: When Helios and Rini kiss
A: Sad moment. Which moment made you cry or be upset or tear up, if any at all.
V: none really
A: Who's transformation is the coolest in the anime??? ^^
V: Sailor Mars

Fill in the Blank

A: If I could see one moment in the anime, it would be ______.
V: the transformations of the sailor scouts
A: If I could make out with one character, it would be ______. (ha ha, lol. j/k, u don't have to answer)
V: guess what! I'm not gonna!
A: If I could be a Senshi (of the exsisting senshi), it would be ______.
V: Sailor Mars
A: If I had to be an original Senshi, I would be called ______.
V: Sailor Sun
A: If I could do a cross over with Sailor Moon and something else, it would be with ______.
V: Sailor Saturn
A: If I could meet Naoko Takeuchi, I would say ______.
V: I LOVE Sailor Moon!!!!

Personal Questions

A: Bishonen question!!! ^^ Who is your favorite cutie of the villains? of the good guys?
V: Alan and Darien
A: If you could knock some sense into one character, who is it and why?
V: Serena, she needs to pay more attention to her studies! Oh no! I'm starting to sound like Amy!
A: What was the stupidest moment (or moment where you could pactically see a sweatdrop over YOUR head) in SM?
V: When Serena throws her test and it hits Darien and he sees the grade: a 30 percent!
I See Myself As... (Videl Completes he Thought as it Best Suits Her)

A: I see myself as...more of a youma, lackey (like Zoysite or Cooan or Sailor Aluminum Siren), or a main baddie?
V: a lackey
A: I see myself as...More like a Mars scout (fire power) or Mercury scout (ice and water)
V: a Mars scout
A: I see myself intested SM fan, a moonie, or a HYPER-moonie (you know what I mean)
V: a HYPER-moonie
A: I see myself as...a secondary character or a main character
V: secondary

Final Thoughts

A: Who didn't get enough air time? That you didn't see much of
V: the Amazoness Quartet
A: Who is the biggest ditz?
V: Serena duh!
A: Who has the most fashion sense out of ALL the characters?
V: Raye
A: Would you/have you ever done cos-play? As who?
V: Raye
A: Which character is the least understood?
V: Hotaru
A: Finally... Have you learned anything from Sailor Moon? If so, share that wisdom with us! ^^
V: Never give up on something you know you can do

Shields...Darrien Shields...
(Bond Ain't Got Nothin' On Me)